Ur A What?

Have you heard about what is recently going on in Uruguay? You know, that tiny country in South America you studied once in 7th grade? Well that “insignificant” country is currently revolutionizing the way our world thinks.
In the past six months Uruguay has legalized not only same sex marriage for their whole country but has also legalized marijuana, two major feats that has taken America years to legalize and is still not allowed throughout the country.
It all has to do with their President, Jose Mujica, a man who donates about 90% of his salary to charities. He is considered an “anti-politician” because of his focus on the opinons of the people. Mujica has taken a giant step in legalizing Marjiuana and selling it for one dollar a gram in want to end the an underground drug ring located throughout the country.
Uruguay is constantly on close watch by countries from all over, especially America. If their country ends up benefiting by the new laws then we can expect to see a considerable increase in support for same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization worldwide.

We want to know what you think on the subject? Is Uruguay INSANE? This website is an open platform for discussion.


Want more information? Check out these sources.
Uruguay on Gay Marriage:


Uruguay on Marijuana Legalization:






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