Women Rights in 2013 (As seen by Mia Levy)

Women gained a lot of rights for their gender during the Civil rights movement. They altered the way America was run from redesigning the constitution to allow women the right to vote to persuading the military to allow women to join them. Yet after those few rights were won over the boycotting and petitions have slowed down. Which makes sense, women are allowed to do almost anything they aspire but there are still an alarming amount of things underground that our society simply overlooks.

If you have the time and interest please spend the next three minutes and forty seconds of your life watching this video,

This gender debate is considered a huge quagmire which is understandable. If we choose to completely eradicate gender stereotypes then we get rid of not only the bad but the good too. Men should be allowed to hit women for example even though the stigma is that this is forbidden because of the evident strength difference. This strength difference is something controlled by genetics, there is nothing we can do to make that equal. Take for example how women are not allowed to fight in the armed forces and the reason for this is that they simply do not have the strength or stamina that a man does, combined with the problems sexual tension could cause during attacks (Its instinct for a man to protect a women before another man). There’s a very thin line between getting rid of gender roles and getting rid of the difference between the x and y chromosome.  We can’t forcefully alter one of those, but there are a lot of stigmas we can. 

Why haven’t we ever had a women president? Just think about that for a little. Because no women has run before that possesses the capabilities? Or because the comfort of a man in an authority position is what America gravitates too? As seen in the video I do think it boils down to the way the media portrays them, for example in recent years using sex to advertise has burgeoned in America.

Take for example this song:
or this one:
or the criticism said to this newscaster:

Yes these references we all know are considered morally wrong, but the upsetting thing is not enough people take physical action. Why haven’t people stopped going to Jack in the Box or buying AXE body spray as a way of telling them their commercials are offensive? Why doesn’t society stop listening to artists such as Bruno Mars or Robin Thicke as a way of telling them their work is disrespectful? 

I believe the stigmas starts at young age where we subconsciously ingrain these roles into our children. The princess needs to be rescued, a man needs to provide. “You’re a man, stop crying.” “You’re a lady, cross your legs” and as a child gets older it only becomes worse. A man should pay for his date, a women should wear makeup to make her face flawless to attract a man. 
Take a look at this article for more information:
or take a look as to why girls are undervalued:

Yet it’s not just men who undervalue women, but we do as well. Take for example the certain craze adolescent girls partake in, which they stalk male celebrities such as Justin Bieber or One Direction. There are plenty of instances where young girls say extremely sexual things towards these men, where the spend hours trying to get one of these boys to follow them on twitter. They ignore the dignity and respect they’re entitled to. You do not need a man to feel whole. The first step in earning respect from others is to respect yourself

We have the power, now let’s just make the change.

I highly encourage anyone who has found what I’ve said to be offensive, incorrect, if they have a male point of view, or if they agree to comment below and let me know what you’re thinking.


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