Chiraq: America’s Murder Capital

It was briefly before the summer of 2012 when then 16 year-old rapper Chief Keef (birth name Keith Cozart) burst into the “drill” music scene. While being confined to his grandmother’s house under house arrest for previous weapons charges, Sosa (as he’s commonly referred as) release three songs onto his YouTube account: “Bang“, “3hunna“, and […]

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Crisis in Ukraine

Spontaneous protests erupted in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev the night of November 21st after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych decided to reject a free trade deal with the European Union that would have brought the Ukraine one step closer to European integration. The rejection of the free trade deal coupled with crippling unemployment and government corruption that […]

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The Separation of Church and State

As 2013 began to draw to a close, the New York-based Satanic Temple had one New Year’s resolution: to erect a statue of Satan in front of the Oklahoma state capitol building. The statue depicts Satan as Baphomet, the goat-headed, winged pagan idol sitting on a throne inscribed with an inverted pentagram. The group argued that […]

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