ILP Special Post: #forBree

Bree Rodriguez

First and foremost, In Loco Politico would like to express our most sincere and deepest condolences to the Rodriguez family. May you find peace and calm after this heavy storm.

This Superbowl weekend was supposed to be full of joy and celebration as America indulged in watching the most televised sports match of the year, Super Bowl XLIX. But the residents of Santa Maria, CA watched on with a heavy heart as they mourned the loss of 17-year old Breanna “Bree” Rodriguez. Bree was involved in a tragic car accident on Friday night that ultimately took her life. News of her death spread across social media like wildfire as people reacted in shock, disbelief and horror to the news that such a lively and brave soul could be taken so soon.

Death is a tragic thing. We as humans embrace and welcome life with open arms but cringe at the thought of death; despite both things being so natural to the human experience, death is a horrible thing because it signifies the end. I believe this should not be the case for Bree. Her death should not be the end. It should signify the start of something new for each person who’s life was touched by her.

Bree’s passing should be seen as a time for change and unity. As she would have wanted it. The community should take this painful moment and seize what it has to teach us about ourselves and how we can apply it to our lives and our interactions with others in order to achieve love and peace amongst each other.


I myself have never experienced losing someone close to me, I’ve been quite fortunate. I’m skilled with words but find myself at a loss here. There isn’t much I could write to express how terribly saddened I am by this tragic event or how truly sorry I feel that Bree’s friends and family have to live on without her. There are no word combinations in the English language to express how I feel. Bree’s passing shouldn’t just be seen as a time to mourn. Her life should be celebrated because her life is something worth celebrating. Following here are a few words from Bree’s friends as featured on their respective social media accounts.







image7-1 image6-1



Those were just some of the words and photos Bree’s friends shared on social media accounts. There are more, hundreds, countless perhaps. At the age of 17, this young lady touched more hearts and inspired more brains than she could have ever imagined. Many of her close friends talked about how she had the hope to one day do something incredible that could perhaps change the world. To start, this Summer 2015 she was going to be joining a group of students to travel to Uganda, where she and the group would be participating in community service activities. She can still change the world. Her adventurous and loving spirit will live on forever as friends and family preserve her through gestures of kindness that foster peace and love. This is not the end of her life, this is simply the beginning of a new stage.

In Loco Politico would like to request our readers and subscribers from all corners of the Internet to please help ease the financial burden of a funeral on this wonderful young lady’s family. Any donation helps and is much appreciated. You can donate and learn more about the donation campaign here.

Javier here. I just wanted to add some personal thoughts on this heartwrenching tragedy. I first met Breanna through our high school’s AVID program my senior year. That October, our senior and junior AVID classes went on a field trip to visit university campuses in Northern California. We started talking while visiting UC Berkeley and I automatically realized how much of intelligent and caring person she was.

When I first heard the news Friday night, I couldn’t believe my ears. More and more social media reports came pouring through and I eventually came to realize the cold, unavoidable truth: Breanna had passed on. I was at a loss for words. Such a kindhearted, beautiful young lady and she was just ripped away from our arms. Breanna was a person that touched the hearts of everyone that knew her. She had a way of lighting up any room she came into simply with her genuine smile. My thoughts and condolences go out to the Rodriguez family. May she rest in paradise.


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