Izamar and I would like to apologize to the readers of In Loco Politico for not having posted anything in two weeks. Both of us attend universities in the UC system, UC Riverside and UC Irvine respectively. We are on the quarter system and this past week, we just finished winter quarter, our second in college.

Speaking for myself, I can’t believe I am already two thirds done with my freshman year in college. Just a year ago, I received an email from the UCI admissions office informing me that I had been accepted to the university! I was ecstatic upon seeing that email, realizing that I finally was one step closer to harvesting the fruits of my seven-year-long labor. I had envisioned this same moment when I first realized the importance of a college education back when I was eleven-years-old. After all this time, I’m finally a college student, finally an anteater at UC Irvine.

This past week was also our finals week. With the quarter coming to a close, I decided to focus my energy and attention studying and preparing for finals week. While I myself didn’t have any actual finals, I did have to finish my writing portfolio for my writing class, write a ten page essay for one of my political science classes, write two more seven page essays for another, and also write two single-spaced two page essays for my third political science class. The point is, I simply did not have enough time to write a quality post on In Loco Politico. These articles take time and research, so I decided to abstain from posting anything that would have been of sub-par quality.

While the pressure of finals week and all those essays gone, Izamar and I are finally able to relax, even if it is only for a week or so. After ten weeks of learning, we’re finally able to unwind and take a breather before spring quarter starts.

That being said, we’d like to inform our readers that we will have two new posts by this Saturday. Thank you for your support and thank you for reading In Loco Politico.


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