Bernie’s California Blitzkrieg

Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders spent his Memorial Day weekend traversing up and down the state of California in a final attempt to garner as much support as possible before the state’s pivotal June 7th primary. Sanders kicked off his California offensive this past Thursday when he stopped in Ventura and Pomona; […]

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The un-Democratic Party

The Democratic Party of Nevada held its state convention at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas on May 14, marking the end of the complicated three-tier voting system which the state’s party uses in order to award delegates to the candidates. The convention, however, did not go without controversy and was instead mired in unrest and allegations of […]

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The Death of the Republican Party

The inevitable has finally happened. After defeating a host of 17 other candidates like Odysseus fending off Penelope’s suitors upon returning to Ithaca, Donald Trump has become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee. Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz were his two latest victims, both dropping out shortly after getting demolished in the […]

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