2016 National Conventions

After a brutal primary season that left both parties more or less on the brink of collapse, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have emerged victorious from underneath the corpses of the various competitors who once stood in the way of their path to the presidency of the United States of America. During their respective national conventions […]

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Turmoil in Turkey

After a night of intense fighting between forces loyal to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and military forces attempting to stage a coup d’état, Erdogan has proclaimed victory over the separatist forces. When the dust finally settled in the Turkish capital of Ankara, at least 265 people were reported dead and another 1,440 injured during the coup, including 161 […]

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A Thank You Letter To Bernie Sanders

Earlier today, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders joined former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a stage in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and announced a truce to their bitter rivalry in order to take down a common enemy: Donald Trump. Sanders finally did the inevitable and endorsed Clinton in a conserved, unenthusiastic speech, explaining that This campaign is not really […]

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Rio 2016: An Olympic Debacle

The 2016 Summer Olympics are set to kick off exactly a month from today in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Elite athletes from all over the world who have trained relentlessly for this moment will convene on the southern end of the country to compete for 306 sets of Olympic medals in 28 different sports. These will […]

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