Welcome to In Loco Politico!

In Loco Politico is a politics and current events blog ran by students, for students. We aim to change the political and social ignorance and apathy that plagues our nation’s youth by informing them of what is going on both in their country and on their planet. In doing so, we hope to raise awareness and change the culture and mindset that has been instilled in many of us. We aim to examine US & world politics and current events through the intersectional perspective of millennial people of color.

After years of discussing political thoughts and current events with both classmates and teachers alike, Javier Solis created In Loco Politico in the fall of 2013. Javier has been posting and running the site ever since. His good friend Izamar Diaz joined as an author shortly after. Both have been friends since 6th grade, where their interest of the political world began.

Since our inception, we have also had the pleasure of having Joshua Erazo and Marilyn Hernandez join our team as authors and contributors.

The ultimate goal of In Loco Politico is to provide a platform in which people can share and debate different world views and opinions, so feel free to comment your thoughts on the posts!

Questions? Comments? Want to contribute? Email us! 


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