Javier Solis

About Javier:

Javier is a sophomore at Allan Hancock College where he is double majoring in political science and computer science. Javier has had a passion for discussing and debating politics and world events with his colleagues since he was in middle school. This passion of his became the basis for the open-source politics and current events blog In Loco Politico. When Javier isn’t in class, doing homework, or working, you can find him making music, reading, writing short stories, or skating around town.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email Javier at

Izamar Diaz

About Izamar:

Izamar is a second year student at the University of California, Riverside. As a young student, Izamar was always quick to form well informed opinions about political issues. She understood the value in dialogue and discourse, and how information was the key element in successful relationships between dissenting parties. It was this passion for information and dialogue that led her to team up with her childhood acquaintance, Javier, to form the open-source blog now known as In Loco Politico. Izamar enjoys writing, photography and discovering new coffee flavors.

Feel free to contact Izamar with anything you may need at or

Marilyn Hernandez

About Marilyn:

Marilyn studies Environmental Science at the University of California, Irvine. She is extremely passionate about being well informed on politics and current events occurring worldwide. She hopes to express her ideas in a way that allows others to discover their own informative insights through her writings for Loco Politico. Marilyn enjoys literature, nature documentaries, and laughing at absurd memes on social media.

You can reach Marilyn at


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