The 2016 election was a major victory for the Republican party. Their nominee Donald Trump defied the odds and garnered more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton, beating her 306 to 232. They also came up big in House and Senate races, currently holding 51 seats in the Senate and another 240 in the House compared […]

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Whole World Watching

Protests against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) near the Standing Rock, North Dakota have been raging for well over half a year now, but in the past two months, tensions between the self-proclaimed “water defenders” and law enforcement authorities have increased significantly. Clashes between the two have become more frequent and more violent recently, with hundreds arrested and dozens […]

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Power of Protest

We are truly living in a historic era. Donald Trump has won the presidency of The United States of America and many are finally seeing this country for what it has always been: a white man’s empire. In the last couple of nights, multitudes of of people have congregated for peaceful protests in all major cities of […]

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President Donald Trump

2016 has been quite possibly one of the most absurd, momentous years in contemporary human history–so much so that historians looking back on this year will likely call it the “Year of the Upset” due to the mass amounts of statistically improbable events that have taken place. Back in May, the British soccer team Leicester City […]

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Meme Election 2016

Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Matt Furie woke up one morning to find that one of his beloved creations, a green anthropomorphic frog named Pepe, had been denounced by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a “symbol associated with white supremacy“. Furie was somewhat befuddled that his beloved creation had been hijacked by the so-called alt-right–a movement that […]

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FBI reopens Clinton email investigation

The 2016 election campaign has been brimming with so much absurdity and never-before-seen antics that it has become increasingly hard to know exactly what to expect, especially now that we’re in the home stretch. This Friday, yet another M. Night Shyamalam-like twist occurred when FBI Director James Comey revealed potentially troubling information regarding Hillary Clinton’s usage of a […]

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